Seattle Seahawks are the NFC Champions once again


A long, hard fought game took place at Century Link Field in Seattle, WA yesterday (01.18.15) as the Green Bay Packers played against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship.

Seattle was led by Green Bay for the majority of the game with Seattle not able to get much going despite a few big plays.

The chances of Seattle coming back seemed grim.  However, the spirit of the 12th man was never lost and prevailed as the time on the clock slowly wound down near the end of the fourth quarter.

The miracle comeback all started with a fake field goal that turned into a touchdown to get the Seahawks within one score of the lead.

The Seahawks were on the ropes and were trying to do what little they could to get the ball back – an onside kick.

The onside kick was successful with the Seahawks recovering the ball around mid field.  A few plays later, Marshawn Lynch was able to break free for a 24-yard scoring run that caused the crowd to erupt, making the score 20-19, putting the Seahawks in the lead. There was only one option for the extra point – try and convert a two-point conversion that would put the Hawks ahead by 3 points. With nothing to lose, Wilson to Willson, conversion good!

After the conversion, the Packers got the ball back with around 1:25 left on the clock, now losing 22-19.

In a last ditch effort to score, Aaron Rogers led the Packers down the field as far as the Seahawks defense would let them – which was not to the endzone. This left Mason Crosby as the Packers last chance at trying to prolong the game and force it into overtime. The 48 yard attempt to tie the game was good.

In overtime, the Seahawks won the toss and elected to receive the ball knowing that the rules of overtime play were slightly different than those in regulation. If the receiving team is able to score a touchdown on the first drive, the game is over with no chance for the other team to score, unless the points were acquired through a field goal.

The Seahawks received the ball and the offense was back on the field. Russell quickly completed a pass to Doug Baldwin near the sideline for a great gain spotting the ball on the 35 yardline in scoring territory. The very next play would be the game defining moment and one that fans across the nation, especially those who attended the game, will remember forever.

“Russell takes the snap. Drops back. He’s gonna throw down the middle. He’s got a man. The ball is caught! It’s a touchdown. The game is over. The Seahawks are going back to the Super Bowl in Glendale. What a catch, in the endzone. It is Kearse, 35 yards. A long day for Jermaine and he makes the game winning reception in the endzone.” – Steve Raible, the voice of the Seattle Seahawks.


  1. Darren Hanson   •  

    Good job buddy …

    • Jake   •     Author

      Thanks Darren :)

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